What is the process for the design of a new home?

So you have made the big decision that you are ready to build your new home and have purchased the land – CONGRATULATIONS!  

The following points are a guideline of the design timeline:

  • Obtain a land survey – 2 weeks,

  • Once the survey is received work on concept plans – 2 weeks,

  • Re-work plans if needed - time varies according to changes,

  • Produce initial design with elevations and sections – 2/3 weeks,

  • Re-work plans if needed – time varies according to changes,

  • Submit the initial design (though reasonably final would be preferable at this point) to the Estate – the Estate’s all meet at difference times of the month, though generally they meet once a month,

  • Prepare council drawings with necessary tweaks for the next Estate submission,

  • Produce the SANS calculations and electrical layout.  Adapt the design as required – 1 week,

  • Once the Estate has approved the final plans, Engineer quotes will be obtained,

  • Plans are now submitted to the Municipality (this takes about 12–16 weeks for full approval),

  • While plans are at council, the specifications are prepared – 1 week,

  • The project is now ready for tender

  • Overall, it takes approximately 6 months before construction can commence.


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